Ramdham Ayurveda

YOGA is not merely a system of physical exercise but a complete way of life. At Ramdham Healing Village we help you to attain the eight fold path of yoga for development and achieving ideal health in Yama , Niyama, Dhyana and Samadhi which is based on deep psychological understanding of human personality.

Yoga deals in three main parts viz

  • Ramdham Ayurveda


    Asanas induced increased awareness of physical and psychological process by controlled stretching , contraction and relaxation of various muscles coordinated through balancing and holding of postures.

  • Ramdham Ayurveda


    Pranayam involves the manipulation of breathing and increased awareness of pressure within the chest and abdomen.

  • Ramdham Ayurveda


    Kriyas are elimination process that throw out toxins from our body.

Yoga And Obesity

Yoga for Corporate Groups

Obesity is now one of the widespread health issues around the globe which is costing many lives due to the co-morbidity. Stress in any form at professional and personal levels is identified as one of the major causes of obesity.

With Naturopathy and yoga, it is easy to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, beneficial for physical and mental health. Naturopathy and yoga provide a wholesome approach in treatment of obesity and holistic health.
Aims of Obesity program:

  • To offer a long term weight-loss regime through an ancient system of natural and holistic medicine.
  • To promote holistic living through the ancient techniques of yoga postures, that focuses on regulated breathing.
  • Purification and detoxification through asanas, pranayamas, sattvic diet and meditation.

Yoga for Corporate Groups

Yoga for Corporate Groups

We at Ramdham Healing Village believe that 'Self Awareness' is the fundamental building block for any long term and sustained learning and behavioral change.

Some of the key impact areas where we partner organizations include: Leadership effectiveness, Team work & collaboration, Goal setting, Delivering results, Impact & Influencing, Effective communication, Developing Teams and Creative thinking.

Our Inside Out approach towards bringing about positive behavioral change hinges on helping individual's being 'mindful', enabling them to 'think differently' and generating ownership to implement change.

Our expert panel of consultants engages with organizations to design bespoke developmental interventions, tailor made to suit the context, challenges and business needs, thereby ensuring greater ROI.

Behavioral Programs

These programs are carefully designed and extensive researched to apply principles of yoga to behavioral aspects demonstrated by people in their professional and personal lives. All programs are customized for your specific needs and objectives. Some of our signature programs include:

  • 1.Leadership from the Soul
  • 2.Performance & Productivity Enhancement
  • 3.Developing Transformational Leaders
  • 4.Working in Harmony ( A Team Building program)
  • 5.Creativity & Innovation
  • 6.Stress Management
  • 7.Conflict Management
  • 8.Relationship Management
  • 9.Professional Effectiveness
  • 10.Change Management

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