Panchakarma Treatment

Panch Karma means - Panch-Five and Karma - Vidhi The five vidhies are illustrated as under:

  • Vaman
    1) Vaman

    Vaman is unique procedure of eliminating various dosh/problems from the body through oral route by way of inducing vomiting. The forcible expulsion of undigested kaph and pitta through upper root by using medicated aqueous solution, medicated ghee etc. is known as Vaman . Vamana is beneficial in treating various diseases related to khapa & pitta.

  • Virechan
    2) Virechan

    Evacuation of the fecal matter and other accumulated dosh in the lower gastro intestinal tract through anal route are known as virechan. There are three types of Virechan- Mridu, Madhya and Tikshna Virchan. In this procedure fecal matter formed state and unformed state is liquefied and then expelled out by use of Ayurvedic herbs, medicines. It is also called as shodhan therapy and is very useful for treating various chronic and current diseases of the body.

  • Basti
    3) Basti

    The administration of the liquid medicines through the rectal, urethral/vaginal route is collectively called as basti. In general basti refers to the administration of medicine through rectal route. The administration of medicine through urethral/vaginal route is called uttarbasti. Basti is the best shodhan procedure. It is found to be the most useful procedure, as it is useful in maximum number of diseases.

    • A) AnuvasanBasti/Snehan Basti

      SneehanBasti, MatraBasti and AnuvasanBasti are three types of snehanbasti.

    • B) Niruha Basti

      Administration of Basti consisting of herbal aquousformulations, medicated oils etc. is known as niruhabasti.For this enima cans are used.This is the shodhan therapy of the body.

  • Nasya

    Administration of medicines through nasal route is known as nasya. As this is the nearest route the diseases related to head, lungs, mouth, nose, can be easily treated by this procedure. Depending upon the composition of the herbs used & action, the nasya is further classified in different types, like Navananasya, Avapidnasya, Dhmapananasya, Dhumanasya etc. And is very useful for various diseases related to head, neck, teeth, face, mouth, etc.

  • Raktamokshana
    5) Raktamokshana

    The surgical procedure of allowing blood to bleed for therapeutic purpose under supervision of Doctor is known as Raktamokshan. In general raktamokshan is useful in both either healthy or diseased person. Raktamokshan is affective in various diseases.

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