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Detoxification from the ama and purification of the bodily tissues is the only remedy to beat the daily stress and stay away from the impurities. Panchkarma ('Pancha'- five and 'karma'- treatment), a consolidation of five procedures, is the best Ayurvedic remedy to detoxify and eliminate the vitiated doshas from the body. The procedures dig deep into our roots and rejuvenate our body, mind and soul and maintain equilibrium.

To be able to cut down on the proliferating magnitude of toxins in the body, Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village offers 14/21/28 days Panchkarma treatment that anneals immunity by aiding removal of morbid dosha, damaged dhatu and obstructed mala.

Elaborated methods of purification are used to release stress, which prepares the body tissues to accept the maximum benefits of food, nutrition and exercise. Panchkarma treatment is a three stage process—purva (pre-operative), pradhana (operative) and paschat (post-operative) measures. Ayurveda advises to practice Purvakarma because of the deep rooted imbalances in the body, which needs to be flushed out in the right way by Purvakarma and then by Panchakarma. To undergo a purification therapy it is highly important for the body to be prepared for the rigorous process to encourage the body to let go of the toxins. Treatments like Abhyangam, Shirodhara and Elakizhi are included to soften the tissues where the oil is applied to the entire body with a particular type of massage which helps the toxins to move towards the gastro-intestinal tract. Thereafter, therapies like Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya, Raktamoksha are used as per the body constitution (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) to complete the detoxifying process.

Vaman, therapeutic vomiting or emesis therapy, solves the purpose of eliminating Kapha toxins from the body and the respiratory tract for people suffering from Kapha imbalance. The therapy helps in mobilization of the otherwise static toxins for their elimination. Virechana, a purgation therapy, is helpful in expulsion of toxins stuck in the liver and gallbladder and aids complete cleansing of gastro-intestinal tract while Vasti (Enema), rejuvenating treatment, aids in eradication of toxins from all the doshas— Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Medicated oil or ghee and herbal decoction is given as enema to clean the colon and enhance the muscle tone. Nasya can be defined as a process where the medicated oil is administered through the nose to remove Kapha toxins from the head and neck region. Rakta Mokshana (Bloodletting), Rakta is removed to eliminate the Dosha and thus establishing normalcy.

The treatment is carried out after the close examination by the doctors at Kairali, who will provide you with the diet chart to be strictly adhered to.Panchkarma treatment is beneficial in varied diseases. To name few— diabetes, asthma, skin disorders, paraplegia, digestive disorders, constipation, hyperacidity, headaches, elephantiasis, gynaecological disorders, hemiplegia, colitis, convalescence, cervical spondylosis, irritable bowel syndrome, backache & sciatica, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, obesity, piles, sexual debility, infertility, improves memory and eye sight, insomnia, elimination of excess mucus, lessening of hyper pigmentation in the face, pre-mature greying of hair, clarity of voice, headaches, migraine, stiffness of the neck, nasal allergies, nasal polyp, neurological dysfunctions, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, chronic allergies, vitiligo, psoriasis, hyperacidity, chronic indigestion, nasal congestion, edema and psychological disorders.

This package will also include:

  • Welcome drink on arrival.
  • Unparalleled and beautifully designed independent cottages for accommodation.
  • All vegetarian meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • A mineral water bottle per person per day with maximum of two bottles per room per day
  • Complimentary juice or herbal tea with every session of massage. Charges applicable for additional food items.
  • Complimentary group yoga sessions every morning. Individual classes will be chargeable.
  • Complimentary group-meditation sessions every evening. Individual classes will be chargeable.
  • Complimentary lecture on Ayurveda once a week.
  • Complimentary lecture on Yoga once a week.
  • Organic garden guided tour.
  • Evaluation of personal lifestyle and fitness on daily basis.
  • Green gym
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